About us

Prairie Oak Publishing

Prairie Oak Publishing was founded in 2006 by Jeffrey Goettemoeller for the purpose of publishing his own books, as well as books from other authors (including Barbara Barker, Karen Lucke, Adrian Goettemoeller, and Constance Malewski). Using Print on Demand technology, we supply our books to seed companies, libraries, wholesalers, and individuals. 

Jeffrey Goettemoeller: Founder, Publisher, Author, and Horticulturalist

A plant scientist and herbalist with a special interest in stevia, Jeffrey began his stevia journey began with a research project at Northwest Missouri State University. Dr. Alex Ching asked Jeffrey to investigate an herb from South America. The result was a research paper, Seed Germination in Stevia Rebaudiana, published in Perspectives on New Crops and New Uses, ASHS Press. This launched Jeffrey into a career researching, writing, and publishing on the topic of stevia. His first book, Stevia Sweet Recipes, now has 300,000+ copies in print. He went on to write a book for gardeners that includes 35 recipes using homegrown stevia. That book is entitled Growing and Using Stevia. His latest book is for farmers and researchers, entitled Growing Stevia for Market. 

Jennifer Goettemoeller: Owner, Publisher

Jennifer's interest in stevia came from decades of work done by her husband, Jeffrey Goettemoeller.  She creates new recipes for their family using stevia, and handles all wholesale purchase orders for Prairie Oak Publishing. Wholesale purchase orders may be faxed to (866) 790-3987, emailed to prairieoakpub@gmail.com, or placed via phone by dialing (402) 617-0911.