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Growing Stevia for Market

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Grow the Sweet Herb for Profit!


November 2010 — Stevia rebaudiana is a natural, low-glycemic, low-calorie alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It’s also a promising crop suited to

a wide variety of climates and soils


Growing Stevia For Market is your complete guide to growing, harvesting, and marketing stevia leaves and bedding plants. Valuable information is compiled from growers, research trials, and the author’s own experience. Includes stevia leaf buyers, sellers, and other resources. Illustrated with 40+ grayscale photos.


Learn about:

  • How day length affects stevia leaf yields.
  • Propagating from seeds, cuttings, or divisions.
  • Field preparation and plant spacing.
  • Irrigation, pruning, and pests.
  • Yield, income, and expense estimates.
  • Harvesting, drying, and marketing stevia.


Author Jeffrey Goettemoeller has been growing and studying stevia for over a decade. In college, he completed a published research study on the production of Stevia seeds. Jeffrey is also the author of Stevia Sweet Recipes: Sugar-free—Naturally!, with over 300,000 copies in print, andGrowing and Using Stevia: The Sweet Leaf from Garden to Table with 35 Recipes.


Growing Stevia for Market is available from,,, or contact Prairie Oak Publishing:




Growing Stevia for Market: Farm, Garden, and Nursery Cultivation of the Sweet Herb, Stevia rebaudiana by Jeffrey Goettemoeller. 2010, 6 x 9, 216 pages, 40+ illustrations, index, bibliography, perfect binding.  ISBN 978-0-9786293-5-9.  LCCN 2010932098.  USD $29.00, retail.


Cover image file available on request.