Books about stevia for gardeners, cooks, and commercial cultivation. 
Books about organic gardening and biofuels. 

Our quality stevia books and articles will help you grow and use the sweet herb, stevia, in your own garden and home. We also publish a book about organic container gardening featuring the 12 most important fruits and vegetables for your organic garden. Order books directly from our online store or at your favorite online bookstore. 

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Book List

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Stevia rebaudiana, the sweet herb

Growing and Using Stevia, Jeffrey Goettemoeller & Karen Lucke, 978-0-9786293-3-5
Growing Stevia for Market, Jeffrey Goettemoeller, 978-0-9786293-5-9
Stevia Sweet Recipes (Square One Publishers), Jeffrey Goettemoeller, 978-18906121-3-9

Container Gardening

Organic Container Gardening, Barbara Barker, 978-0-9786293-6-6


Sustainable Ethanol, Jeffrey Goettemoeller & Adrian Goettemoeller, 978-0-9786293-0-4


Building Home Shrines, Constance Malewski,  978-0-9786293-1-1